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Support the U-Be The Change Campaign through sponsorships of clusters, promotional materials (banners, flyers, and posters), ads, and incentives such as sweatshirts, mugs, etc., in-kind services: campaign supplies, refreshments, facilitate a focus group, provide service opportunities etc.

Support of the campaign can benefit your organization:

  • Be recognized as a strategic partner on the U-Be The Change website.

  • $1500 - Your logo will be displayed in a prominent location on this website. Visitors to our website will be able to connect directly to your website by clicking on to your logo.  Name/logo will appear on all printed and promotional materials
  • $750 - Name/logo will appear on website and campaign literature and materials.
  •  $250 - Name will appear on event programs and campaign literature. 
  • In-kind
    Name or organization name will appear on any in-kind services provided by your organization  (example… Refreshments by your name or organization). Any In-Kind ads or radio spots we will incorporate your name or organization information.


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